Chittenango Times: Friday, November 7, 1902

A Lifelong Resident of this Village -- Active in all the Work of the Town -- Was President of the old First National Bank -- Active in Church Work -- A Member of thhe state Board of Charities -- Resolutions on His Death.

The death of Hon. Peter Walrath occurred at the Hospital of Good Shepherd, in Syracuse, on the evening of October 30th. Mr. Walrath had been in poor health for several years, and for seven months had been in the hospital. Latterly it had been the custom of Mrs. Walrath to remain with him most of the day, returning to her home at night, and less than two hours before his death she had left his bedside -- Mr. Walrath at that time being in good spirit and expressing the belief he would have a good night's rest. Although his death was expected it was sudden and a shock to his wife. It was ascribed to a serious heart trouble aggravated by a complication of diseases. Mr. Walrath's death was just four days after the burial of Mrs. Warren Kellogg. His remains were brought here on Friday and the funeral services were held from his late home Monday afternoon at three o'clock Rev. H. Grant Person of Seneca Falls and Rev. W.L. Sawtelle of Fulton, both former pastors of the Presbyterian church of this village and Rev. J. Mac L. Richardson, the present pastor of the church, conducted the services and the singing. Rev. Mr. Sawtelle made the remarks and Rev. Mr. Richardson read the scriptures and made the prayer. The funeral was largely attended, many being present from out of town, including Hon. S.W. Rosendale of Albany, and Hon. Dennis McCarthy of Syracuse, members of the State Board of Charities of which Mr. Walrath was a member, Robert W. Hubbard of Albany, secretary of the Board, Byron M. Childs of Albany, Superintendent, Robert W. Hill of Albany, Inspector of Almshouses, and Dr. Carson, superintendent of the Institution for Feeble Minded at Syracuse. The floral offerings were extensive, among the pieces being one of Violets and palm leaves from Hon. William R. Stewart, President of the State Board of Charities.
Hon. Peter Walrath was born in Chittenango November 12, 1833, and was a son of the late Daniel Walrath, who was among the early settlers of this locality. Here he went to school and here he lived as a boy and grew to manhood. First as a farmer boy and then as a clerk in the store conducted by the Crouses, and later in the employ of Robert and Daniel Stewart. He gained a large acquaintance and formed strong friendships as a young man, and became a power in all the doings of this locality. His father died in 1861, being then the owner of the foundry and machine shops here, and the son Peter took up the business and continued it for a number of years, until he retired from all active business. From 1873 he was president of the First National Bank in this village, until it closed its business in 1883. He was active in establishing a good school here and for a number of years was president of the Board of Education. In 1886 he was appointed a member of the state Board of Charities by Governor Hill and continued a valuable member of that Board up to the time of his death. Probably in none of his work since he retired from active business had the deceased taken so much interest or gave so much time and attention as he gave to the charity institutions of this State, except the interest he took in the work of the Presbyterian church of which he was a member and ardent supporter. He had charge of a number of estates, but later years, with the exception of a little interest manifested in the establishment of the Pottery here and the beautifying of Oakwood cemetery, all his interest and attention settled in the work of the State Board of Charities and his home church. He had an extensive acquaintance in the State, and was a strong Republican with influence among the leaders. His was an active life, a life that went into the making of the history of this locality, and he will be mourned by a large circle of friends.
Mr. Walrath was twice married. His first wife was Miss Sarah Kellogg, the oldest daughter of the late Warren Kellogg. In 1876 he married the youngest daughter of Mr. Kellogg, Miss Ella D. Kellogg, who survives him. He is also survived by three brothers, Jesse Walrath of Racine, Wis., Abram and George Walrath of Chittenango, also three sisters, Mrs. Harriet Kennedy and the Misses Cornelia and Caroline Walrath of Chittenango

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